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Service with Augmented & Virtual Reality

It is our claim to work effectively, solution-oriented and with a high degree of sustainability. For this reason, we have extended our services to include Augmented & Virtual Reality.

MESE Remote Services with Augmented & Virtual Reality offers you efficient and flexible services that meet the current global challenges and are indicatory at the same time.

Co-operation – from any place and at any time. Our worldwide remote service!

MESE Remote Services – a reliable service concept!

Remote Maintenance and Construction - MESE


Visualization of technical designs for effective project meetings

Factory Acceptance Test - MESE

Factory Acceptance Test

Worldwide pre-acceptance and acceptance processes with augmented reality

Remote Maintenance and Service - MESE

Support and Service

Remote maintenance and training together with our support team

MESE Remote Services

The possible applications of Augmented & Virtual Reality in process control and in the field of service are diverse and inspire not only us, but also our customers around the whole world.

Already in the design phase, we use our AR system in addition to online meetings (Teams, Webex, etc.) to present individual development steps to our customers in a vivid way. With this approach, the presentation of the respective development status becomes a highlight. Joint discussions result in designs that are production-oriented and cost-conscious – considering the given customer standards. The final special machine or automation solution becomes within reach.

For a factory acceptance test, it is no longer necessary to be present at our premises for pre-acceptance and acceptance. By means of the augmented reality technology, the pre-acceptance including the assurance of specifications and requirements is carried out virtually together with our customers. This also applies to training sessions on maintenance and servicing work and can include video documentation on request.

Within the after-sales service, necessary maintenance measures are supported by our service team using augmented reality technology. Secure remote maintenance and transparency are a matter of course for us!

Service is an essential part of our performance!

Remote Maintenance - MESE
Fully integrated in MESE special machines.


MMM MESE – mobile maintenance
MPM MESE – preventive maintenance
MMO MESE – mobile operation
MAC MESE – automated calibration
MRM MESE – remote maintenance

Our offer for you and your company

In addition, we offer a loan service for AR glasses (HoloLens 2) in the European region for training, service, and repairs.
Thanks to this solution, your specialists can jointly fix a problem with ours in real time, without us being at your site.

By request, the AR glasses can be handed over together with a briefing on how to use them and with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.

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